What does it mean to be an idealist? I think it has something to do with
expectations. There is a picture in my mind of what I ultimately want out of
an experience. Somehow I’ve come to expect what I want. This is unusual in
the experience of most people who have lived in this world. I have an idea,
and that idea has an expected outcome. “If….then….” If I do this, then
the thing I want, the thing I imagine, the thing I wish for, …will happen.
I will experience it, and it will be just as I want it to be. If I work hard,
I will be rewarded. If I love, I will be loved back. If I am kind, people
will be kind to me. If I go to Taco Bell and pay a $1.99, I will be rewarded
with a magnificent burrito of epic proportions. A meal to be remembered! A
taste that matches my ideals! Because I am an idealist. For only $1.99!! But
what do I expect for what I give? How much of an idealist can I really be?
How does what I get compare with what I expect to receive? In proportion to
what I give? What if what I gave matched what I wanted? Not good enough…. I
want the most amazing burrito ever conceived Lets make this happen!!!!



A track you can actually dance to! For this one I sampled a TV preacher and used just the vowels of his words to create phrases. Then I added drums, synths and keyboards, then glitched it a little. Give it a listen!




“Our hands entwine and my fingers and your veins connect and our spines grow stronger inside ‘Cause I know that our church is all made out of shipwrecks.
So come on and let’s wash each other with tears of joy and tears of grief. Come on and sew us together, we’re just some tattered rags stained forever. We only have what we remember…”


The words above came to mind while I was making this. Its the lyrics to the song “Wooden Heart” by the band “Listener”. Powerful stuff. You should check ‘em out.

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So I went to the grocery store and I sampled the machine at the self check-out and chopped it up. Then I added a couple synths, some drums and an old speak-n-spell.