Election Day! (the aftermath)

Good does not always triumph over evil. Sometimes hatred and darkness wins the majority. The fears and whims of others need not control us as individuals. We can still care about our earth even if others do not. We can still look on our fellows with compassion while others call them freeloaders. We can still love who we choose to love even if others call it profane. All of the bullets in all of their guns will never take that away. They may win on paper, but they will never win me.

it is autumn and things are dying….


OK, I have to rant here for a minute… I’ve shown this piece to several people, and they’ve all had the same response. The exact SAME response: “hmm…is that a person wearing a garbage bag?” REALLY?? Look again. Is that really all you can see? “hmm…garbage bag and flowers, huh? well, you’re always makin’ weird shit. Whatever. That’s nice I guess…” …godDAMNit! Are people that obtuse? Can they not look a little deeper than what’s on the surface and THINK just a little bit? It could say/mean so many different things depending on who’s looking at it! “Oh, a dark figure in the midst of beauty.” “Six pink roses surround an anonymous figure in a circle. Why six?” “Darkness and color with a color sample that’s not very colorful. Is there a contrast between an individual and the world around them?” These are all very obvious and even cliché interpretations. They’re not necessarily what it means, but at least they attempt to process what they are looking at. You can tell a lot about people by the way they react to the world around them. It’s disappointing, man! You get used to seeing the world a certain way. I went out to get the mail today and I just grabbed a handful of leaves off the ground and smelled them. SMELLED them! One of the best 90 seconds of my life! Most people will never even notice them! I’m not trying to say I’m better for it. Really, I’m not. Its just sad. Can’t people notice things? Can they not look at a piece of art and see more than just a garbage bag? Or even just “wow, cool color scheme! Nice balance. Things really pop here” Or maybe: “I hate this! The reasons I hate it are:_______. Fuck you, for making this!” That would be cool. Honest disdain for particular reasons. Am I fishing for something? Am I being a narcissist, wanting my work to have more attention than it deserves to satisfy my ego? Could be, but I don’t think so. What has me so annoyed at the moment is the blind, dumb, cave-man approach that looks at something and just thinks: “is that a garbage bag?” uugghhh!!!! OK. End of rant. This piece is from a sleep deprived nursing home worker and has a specific meaning only to him that is too complicated to explain. But, could you at least make your own meaning for yourself? A REAL meaning? Please? Thank you! :)

Vine #1

OK, so I guess I’m making Vines now. For those of you who don’t know, a vine is a six second video. Six seconds of audio and visuals? I think I can handle that. Lets give it a try for awhile and see what happens…



What does it mean to be an idealist? I think it has something to do with
expectations. There is a picture in my mind of what I ultimately want out of
an experience. Somehow I’ve come to expect what I want. This is unusual in
the experience of most people who have lived in this world. I have an idea,
and that idea has an expected outcome. “If….then….” If I do this, then
the thing I want, the thing I imagine, the thing I wish for, …will happen.
I will experience it, and it will be just as I want it to be. If I work hard,
I will be rewarded. If I love, I will be loved back. If I am kind, people
will be kind to me. If I go to Taco Bell and pay a $1.99, I will be rewarded
with a magnificent burrito of epic proportions. A meal to be remembered! A
taste that matches my ideals! Because I am an idealist. For only $1.99!! But
what do I expect for what I give? How much of an idealist can I really be?
How does what I get compare with what I expect to receive? In proportion to
what I give? What if what I gave matched what I wanted? Not good enough…. I
want the most amazing burrito ever conceived Lets make this happen!!!!