This isn’t finished, but I’m tired of fighting with it and looking at it. It’s been burning up my brain for weeks. When you can’t trust your own judgement you have to just step away for awhile. Maybe someday….

avoid 1o8

This piece was actually just an attempt to ease my apprehension of the number thirteen. Triskaidekaphobia has become an issue for me lately, so I wanted to make something with thirteen without actually making a “13”. The three triangles in the middle are integers that add up to thirteen, and the 39 in the middle is thirteen times three. 3X3=9. 9 numbers in 3 groups 9×3=27 which happens to be my birthdate. So by really weak numerology, 13 can be connected to my self. I put 3 everywhere in this piece and it’s 4 sided, 27×4=108. The actual birthdate is 6/27/69. Those numbers added together make 104. 108 minus the 4 sides with 3 circles on each side. The minus is also for the 4 basic mathematical functions, 2 forward, 2 backward. 6 (june) times 2, 12. 108 divided by 12=9. 9×3=27, and so on. It’s just numbers of me going in circles around 13 without actually touching it. It’s a hairbrained scheme and kinda stupid, but the “alien writing” symbols are things that I’ve been drawing since childhood that I’ve used to express emotions and states of being that I can’t put into words. Kinda like the discomfort with 13…